The Cost of a Divorce is a Valid Concern

    The cost of the Collaborative Divorce Process is consistently less than that of a more traditional litigated case, despite the perceived additional expense of the non-attorney team members because:

    • Each team member is performing the services for which he or she is trained at the most efficient rate for the party, thus not using the time of one expensive professional for issues outside his or her expertise,.
    • The team method is more structured and focused on the needs of the parties with cooperative scheduling, and early structured productive settlement discussions. There are no deadlines imposed by Court, which frequently do not correspond to the best time frames for either party.*

    * Note: This remains a legal proceeding, and there are mandatory information exchanges. California law governs the process and both parties’ legal rights and obligations are preserved. However, the Collaborative Process offers more flexibility for the parties to make the decisions which are best for their unique family.

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