Divorce Coaches & Child Specialists

    Many clients choose to enter the collaborative process through contact with collaborative divorce coaches. Others may be referred to coaches by attorneys either at the time of initial contact or as needed during the collaborative process. Nevada county is fortunate to have a group of highly skilled divorce coaches who come from clinical backgrounds in psychotherapy and who have also taken mediation and collaborative divorce training.

    Many divorces include children. The job of the child specialist is to understand your divorce from the perspective of the children and to represent their best interests. While all team members keep the children’s best interests in mind, the child specialist maintains this focus exclusively, thereby assuring that during the complicated and sometimes chaotic divorce process the concerns of the children are not overshadowed. The child specialist provides an opportunity for the children to ask questions, to identify problems and to work through their worries. In addition, when the time is right, the child specialist provides information and suggestions to the parents and to the team, especially in the development of a parenting plan.

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