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    Family Law with emphasis on Mediation and Collaboration.

    The collaborative divorce team may consist of divorce coaches, family attorneys, a child specialist and/or financial specialist who work together with the divorcing couple. The extent to which each of the professionals is involved will depend on the unique needs and circumstances of each family

    The team approach is flexible and tailored to meet the needs of each family. Few cases will require the participation of all team members at all meetings. However, in all cases, each person will be represented by a family attorney.

    Attorneys are trained in mediation and the collaborative process. Family attorneys provide legal advice. Each client retains a family attorney to advise them individually. The client consults privately with their respective attorney and then participates in team meetings with the other spouse. The attorneys use their non-adversarial mediation skills to assist the clients in reaching a settlement. The attorneys prepare the necessary legal documents to complete the process.

    Divorce Coaches are Licensed Clinicians (MFTs, LCSWs, & Psychologists), Clinical Counselors or are versed in family dynamics and issues pertaining to separation and divorce. Coaches provide emotional support, teach communication skills, discuss parenting concerns, and help ensure that needs, concerns and feelings are understood and contained. Typically, each person will have their own coach to assist them during the collaborative process.

    Child Specialists focus on your children’s needs in the separation process. Each child specialist comes into the process with specialized training in child development as well as expertise related to children of divorce. Working as independent advocates for children, child specialists provide each child with a safe place to share their feelings and express their needs. Through this process the child specialist works to ensure that the emotional needs and concerns of each child are being considered by both parents and all members of the team.

    Financial Advisors work for both parties, also as a neutral third party. The financial advisor assists with the gathering of the financial information and the preparation of budgets. They also act as a resource in dealing with such financial issues as tax implications and they have available computer software for analyzing various options for the division of the family assets.

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